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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Your Toilet May Soon Help Monitor Your Health Matt Campbell
Today’s high-end, spaceship-looking commodes offer quality-of-life improvements like night lights, heated seats, and automatic lids. But what makes smart toilets special is their capability for advanced health metrics.

New Tech Tuesdays: Wi-Fi 7: A Leap in Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity Rudy Ramos
The Wi-Fi Alliance® introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ on January 8, 2024, bringing powerful new features to boost Wi-Fi performance. These gains are yet to be fully realized, though, as the actual Wi-Fi 7 specification is still in development and is expected to be finalized sometime in 2024.

Unlocking Sustainable Power Solutions at APEC 2024 Carolyn Mathas
APEC 2024 will showcase the latest trends in power electronics, focusing on sustainability through advances in power conversion technologies. This trend includes the electrification of transport, wideband semiconductors reducing reliance on silicon, and the integration of power and data lines.

Bridging the STEM Gap by Inspiring Students Carolyn Mathas
Engineers Week 2024 will run from February 18 to 24 under the theme “Welcome to the Future.” This year focuses on engaging students with engineering through early exposure, hands-on programs, and mentorship to break down misconceptions about the field.

New Tech Tuesdays: Energy Efficiency in Mega Office Buildings: A Balancing Act Rudy Ramos
Smart building technology has revolutionized the way the largest office buildings in the world manage their energy consumption. However, while these advancements are crucial, they are not a substitute for thorough architectural and engineering planning.

When Autonomous Vehicles Arrive, Will We Be Ready? Matt Campbell
As autonomous vehicles (AVs) aim to reduce the dangers of the road, they will encounter cultural obstacles that engineers cannot solve in the lab. Here, we explore the social and economic barriers to widespread adoption of AVs.

CES 2024 Favorites Changing the World Carolyn Mathas
At CES 2024, breakthroughs in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™, bidirectional EV charging, Matter protocol, nanoPower-based wearables, and automotive security showcased a trend towards smarter, more energy-efficient technology that represents a significant step in enhancing user experience and connectivity.

New Tech Tuesdays: CES 2024 Wrap-Up: How Tech is Transforming Our Lives Rudy Ramos
CES 2024 showcased the future of technology, highlighting how it enhances our daily lives and addresses challenges in home automation, mobility, health, and gaming. With ongoing innovation, the tech industry promises even more surprising and transformative products and services in the future.

Retro Tech: The Lisa Computer’s Fortuitous Failure Vince Sosko
Back in January 1983, Apple released the Lisa computer, with technology so revolutionary for its time that it was thought to redefine what a computer is. While the Lisa’s fortunes fell short of these hopes, its legacy is ingrained in tech history.

The NXP Cup: A Partnership for Lasting Impact NXP
Each year, students build, program, and race their model cars in the NXP Cup, aiming for the fastest times and precise maneuvering. Rafik Mitry, Technical Marketing Engineer at Mouser Electronics EMEA, discusses Mouser’s involvement in the NXP Cup and how students can benefit from the competition.

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