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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

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Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

New Tech Tuesdays: Beyond 1s and 0s: The Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence Rudy Ramos
The term "singularity" has evolved from cosmic mysteries to a future where AI might surpass human intellect. Modern supercomputers pave the way for this potential leap. Central to this progress is the Analog Devices/Maxim Integrated MAX17614, excelling in power efficiency and source switching.

Key Application Areas of MEMS Liam Critchley
MEMS contain many different electronic and mechanical components and perform various bulk functions based on the components within. The range of materials and components available to MEMS has enabled them to be designed for a wide array of applications across many different industries.

How Are MEMS Fabricated? Liam Critchley
A combination of many different fabrication methods have enabled MEMS to be used in a range of applications, and as fabrication methods get more advanced and their resolutions get narrower, smaller features and smaller components are being created within MEMS devices.

New Tech Tuesdays: Revolutionizing Logistics: The Age of AI Truck Loading Robots Rudy Ramos
As package shipments peak, the manual loading process in logistics, historically resource-intensive and accident-prone, is being revolutionized with the introduction of AI robotic loading that streamlines operations, reduces costs, and heralds a new era in the global supply chain.

Smart Door Locks – Enhancing Security with Machine Learning Xilinx
Smart door locks can provide a layer of protection for homes and other consumer dwelling spaces, like garages or sheds, but previous versions could be easily tricked. Here, we discuss how 3D facial recognition and machine learning can add a superior level of security in smart door locks.

Enhanced Driving with Auto UX Technology Brandon Lewis
Automotive UX prioritizes driver safety and interaction by evolving beyond traditional UI design to integrate technologies like heads-up display and hands-free control. As this technology continues to evolve, it shapes vehicle design and deepens the connection between drivers and their cars.

New Tech Tuesdays: Ambient Power: Energy-Harvesting Robots Rudy Ramos
In the quest for sustainability and efficiency, energy-harvesting robots stand out as innovative wonders. With their ability to extract power from the environment, these robots present a novel approach to autonomous operations, challenging age-old norms of charging and battery replacement.

UWB Unlocks the Potential of Smart Vehicle Tech Qorvo
UWB technology is emerging as a crucial wireless standard for smart vehicles, offering reliable, accurate location tracking and secure, energy-efficient communication for applications like digital key technology, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and collision avoidance.

New Tech Tuesdays: Energy on the Go: The Evolution of Portable Power Banks Rudy Ramos
The modern power bank is truly a tech marvel, born from advanced battery technology, cutting-edge chargers, and the standardization of charging ports. As the world moves at a rapid pace, one thing is certain: with the advancements in portable power banks, mobile devices will be ready to keep up.

Delving Into Industrial Inkjet Printing Apex Microtechnology
The proliferation of inkjet technology is revolutionizing industrial printing by improving efficiency and minimizing waste while achieving new levels of quality. As such, the industrial printing industry has rapidly converted from traditional analog printing to digital inkjet printing techniques.

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