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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Design Without Compromise for Smart Device and IoT Designers Analog Devices
Buyers of smart consumer goods, wearable medical devices, and IoT edge devices want designs with small sizes, high performance, low power, high levels of integration, and low cost. However, only the correct type of microcontroller can meet these criteria.

Understanding Capacitor Classifications KEMET
Capacitor reliability is vital, with volumetric efficiency and testing protocols dictating component suitability across classifications like commercial, automotive, and space-grade. These classifications help engineers select capacitors that meet their applications’ reliability requirements.

Data Criteria for ML POC Success Becks Simpson
Selecting data inputs and labels, evaluating data quality, and determining the needed quantity of data are critical steps for a successful machine learning project.

New Tech Tuesdays: The Roles of Digital Isolators and Optocouplers in Circuit Design Rudy Ramos
Digital isolators and optocouplers perform similar functions in electronics, providing electrical isolation between two circuits while allowing communication or signal transfer between them. However, they achieve this isolation through different mechanisms, and each has its own figure of merit.

Automotive Interface Design for Diverse Users Julee Henry
Every element a consumer sees, touches, or hears when interacting with a vehicle is a meticulously crafted aspect of the human–machine interface (HMI) design. Designers must accommodate a diverse user base, prioritize safe use with minimal distraction, and meet global user expectations.

Material Choice Comparison for Onboard Chargers: Silicon Carbide versus IGBT onsemi
As EV designs become more diverse and the industry trends toward higher battery voltages and bidirectional charging, onboard charger (OBC) implementations grow increasingly complex. Learn how PFC material choice can appropriately balance performance, efficiency, and cost for OBC engineers

New Tech Tuesdays: Enhancing Li-ion Battery Pack Safety with Littelfuse TTape Rudy Ramos
Littelfuse's TTape DTM represents a significant advancement in battery safety, offering unparalleled features that redefine industry standards. Its integration with existing BMS solutions and simplified installation process make it an indispensable tool for modern battery management.

Connecting STEM Pathways to Economic Hope Mouser Technical Content Staff
Nevada educator Ben Nguyen develops manufacturing technology programs for high school students, most of whom are from low-income communities. These programs enable the students to earn certifications and secure careers with Nevada-based manufacturing companies right after graduation.

Hyperscale Data Centers Power the AI Revolutions Molex
AI is transforming industries by enabling innovation and adaptability, creating a surge in demand for advanced data infrastructure. To meet these growing needs, hyperscale data centers offer scalability, flexibility, and efficient power distribution.

New Tech Tuesdays: Zigbee: The Unsung Hero of Smart Homes in 2024 Rudy Ramos
With rock-solid connectivity and functionality, Zigbee is the unsung hero of wireless tech. Unlike Wi-Fi, it dances to its own frequency so that your smart home mesh network stays interference-free.

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