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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

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Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Precise Motor Control for Brushless DC Motors Microchip Technology
The brushless DC motor market, fueled by automotive, industrial, and consumer applications, requires compact, efficient, and precise solutions. Microchip's MCP8021/2 gate drivers provide the necessary control for BLDC motors with features like shoot-through protection and user-configurable functions.

Wearable Robotics for Parkinson's Mobility Carolyn Mathas
A soft, wearable robot may help Parkinson's Disease patients walk without the interruption of freezing of gait. This technological breakthrough demonstrates significant potential in medical robotics, providing a promising solution for those affected by neurological disorders.

New Tech Tuesdays: Exploring the Importance of Timing in Electronics Rudy Ramos
Timing is vital for electronic circuits, with timing devices orchestrating event sequences upon power application and ensuring smooth operations. Even in sleep mode, circuits maintain timing, guaranteeing synchronized background tasks and uninterrupted timekeeping.

Zonal Architectures for Future SDV Success Divya Garikapati
By addressing the challenges of implementing zonal architectures in software-defined vehicles, we enable these architectures to be safer, more adaptable, more efficient, and lead to more personalized transportation in the future.

Who’s Driving a Level 3 Vehicle? Matt Campbell
Years of ADAS advancements have finally put Level 3 autonomy in the hands of select US consumers. How did we get here, and what’s the path forward?

New Tech Tuesdays: TE Connectivity Lights the Way with LUMAWISE Motion Sensors Rudy Ramos
Discover the cutting-edge technology behind TE Connectivity’s LUMAWISE Motion Sensors, revolutionizing street lighting with precision and efficiency. Explore how these sensors redefine urban illumination, setting new standards for reliability and interoperability.

The Elusive AI Personal Assistant Matt Campbell
As the hype surrounding generative AI winds down, users want practical applications. Despite impressive AI capabilities, we’re still missing full-featured AI personal assistants, and we likely won’t see them any time soon.

Wireless IoT Designs Just Got Easier Microchip Technology
The explosive growth of small and low-power wireless devices is being fueled by the desire to automate homes, buildings, factories, roads, and more. For security, information, safety, and protection, wireless designs have been simplified with the introduction of the WBZ351.

Retro Tech: Creating a New World with Color Television Vince Sosko
The evolution of color television mirrors the broader trajectory of technological progress—a journey marked by innovation, adaptation, and an unending quest to enhance daily experiences to new heights. Let’s look back at the RCA CT-100, a groundbreaking device that shaped our view of the world.

New Tech Tuesdays: Drones: From Recreational Toy to Essential Tool Rudy Ramos
Drones have progressed from their recreational origins to become indispensable tools in a wide range of businesses and applications. Farmers, emergency managers, and urban planners may all readily obtain off-the-shelf drones for immediate use, making aerial imagery more accessible than ever before.

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