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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

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Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

New Tech Tuesdays: Noise-Free Living with Whole-House Noise Canceling Rudy Ramos
Urban living can be noisy and detrimental to well-being. Whole-house noise-cancellation systems offer a solution. They use destructive interference to cancel out sounds. With professional help, homeowners can create a tranquil environment shielded from urban noise.

Edge Computing Hardware Evolves to Meet IoT Demands Brian Santo
The edge is getting smarter as IoT devices take on more complex tasks and become less dependent on a central cloud, instead processing data locally using AI inference without compromising security or privacy.

High Power Connections for Energy Storage Solutions Molex
Advances in battery and ESS technologies enable greater reliance on renewable sources, allowing homeowners and businesses to manage their energy needs better and reduce dependence on the traditional grid.

What Are Piezo-Phototronics? Liam Critchley
Piezo-phototronic materials share many characteristics with piezotronic materials that help modulate charge carriers and electric currents at different semiconducting interfaces, but they also have photoexcitation properties that enable them to enhance a range of optoelectronic devices.

New Tech Tuesdays: Unleash Your Adventurous Side: Boondocking with Smart Water Solutions Rudy Ramos
Boondocking has become a favored choice for those seeking an off-grid camping experience. However, limited water supply poses a challenge. Innovative water-saving systems like graywater recycling and rainwater harvesting offer hope for extended boondocking trips.

New Tech Tuesdays: Nuclear Power's Second Chance: The Advent of Diamond Batteries Rudy Ramos
In response to escalating energy demands, new research into diamond batteries—nuclear units harnessing radioactive isotopes—presents an innovative approach to recycling nuclear waste and power generation. With an exceptional lifespan, these devices may provide power to niche or remote applications.

Making Sense of Smell Sensors David Pike
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly used for complex decision-making, with sensors vital in providing necessary information. Olfactory sensors, for example, can detect odors from hidden or obscured objects, making them unique and versatile.

Power the Future of Urban Air Mobility Harwin
The eVTOL industry requires robust battery management systems with connectors such as Harwin's Datamate, which offer compactness, lightness, resilience, electromagnetic interference resistance, and high-quality standards, ensuring safe and efficient operation in this rapidly evolving sector.

Edge Impulse Fundamentals Part Four Mike Parks
Part 4 of the Edge Impulse Fundamentals series looks at the learning and output blocks that create the impulse workflow.

New Tech Tuesdays: onsemi's EliteSiC: Revolutionizing Power Electronics with Enhanced Silicon Carbide Technology Rudy Ramos
Experience the future of power electronics with onsemi’s EliteSiC technology. Discover how the advanced properties of SiC enhance efficiency, performance, and reliability. From higher efficiency and compact designs to faster switching speeds and improved reliability, EliteSiC is set to revolutionize industries.

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