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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

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Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

ST SensorTile.box PRO Allows Anyone to Create IoT Products STMicroelectronics
The IoT is reshaping our world by connecting everything from smart thermostats to entire factories, facilitated by advances in microcontrollers and wireless technologies. Development kits like the ST SensorTile.box PRO make it easy for anyone to start learning about IoT principles and design.

Dexterous Robotics: The Fast-Track to Mastery Carolyn Mathas
Toyota Research Institute’s new robotics approach allows robots to quickly learn and master dexterous behaviors from teleoperated demonstrations, enabling them to perform complex tasks without extensive reprogramming, while a planned large behavior models system further enhances their learning and creative capabilities.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: Environmental Sensors Use Case Ronan Cooney
Environmental sensing technology has enabled indoor air-quality monitoring solutions that track contaminants such as CO2, PM, and VOCs. Designing these systems requires the correct choice of sensor and other considerations to balance the tradeoff between power consumption and performance.

Making Sense of Smell Sensors David Pike
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly used for complex decision-making, with sensors vital in providing necessary information. Olfactory sensors, for example, can detect odors from hidden or obscured objects, making them unique and versatile.

Digital Therapeutics: Freespira’s Unique Approach Simon Thomas
Digital therapeutics, an emerging category within digital health, is poised to significantly impact the future of healthcare. Freespira provides patients with custom hardware and other infrastructure to make digital therapeutic treatment more accessible and improve outcomes for patients.

Printable Sensors: A Key Technology for Health Wearables? Liam Critchley
Integrating components into flexible sensing devices is not always straightforward. Printing sensors on the device’s surface opens newer and easier ways to develop sensing wearables for health monitoring and telemedicine applications.

New Tech Tuesdays: The Rise of Robot Labor: The Impact of AI and ML on the Workplace Rudy Ramos
Automation is becoming ubiquitous as more companies deploy AI and machine learning-powered robots to automate tasks traditionally done by humans. With automation taking over labor-intensive jobs, humans are freed up to concentrate on higher-level tasks requiring more creativity and cognitive skills

New Tech Tuesdays: Single Pair Ethernet: The Future of Industrial Automation Rudy Ramos
SPE is a new technology that is rapidly gaining popularity as a cost-effective, reliable, and high-speed alternative to standard Ethernet for industrial automation and automotive applications using only one pair of twisted copper wires to transmit data, power, and control signals.

New Tech Tuesdays: Space the Harshest Frontier Rudy Ramos
Space is a hostile environment; the extreme temperatures and high radiation levels that permeate the infinite vacuum pose a unique challenge to humans and spacecraft alike.

The Drive for Smart Parking Solutions Poornima Apte
Smart parking offers an eco-friendlier alternative to wasting time, energy, pollution, and traffic that comes along with finding a parking spot. Using sensors and cloud connectivity, matching drivers to vacant spots is a step toward sustainable cities. Smart parking systems get us there.

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