Pulse Electronics High Isolation Transformers

Pulse Electronics High Isolation Transformers are available in a variety of insulation options, including basic, reinforced, and operational. The PA200xNL series offers 1500VRMS isolation (380VRMS continuous) and an operating frequency of 50kHz and higher. The PMG Encaslation Toroid Platform SMD forward transformer features 10mm creepage, 3750VRMS isolation, and encapsulation construction. The PH9384.xNL and PM2185.xNL push-pull converter transformers include a sidecar package and 4KVRMS isolation (550VRMS continuous). The EP7 Platform SMD modules feature push-pull topology, 4mm creepage, and 4KVRMS isolation (600VRMS continuous). The Pulse Electronics EE5 Platform SMD series features push-pull converter transformers with 1.5KVRMS isolation (380VRMS continuous), 1W maximum output, and a compact, cost-effective industrial design.


  • Basic, reinforced, and operational insulation options
  • PA200xNL series
    • 1500VRMS isolation (380VRMS continuous)
    • 50kHz and higher operating frequency
  • PMG series
    • Forward transformer
    • 10mm creepage
    • 3750VRMS isolation
    • Encapsulation construction
  • PH9384.xNL and PM2185.xNL series
    • Push-pull converter transformers
    • Sidecar package
    • 4KVRMS isolation (550VRMS continuous)
  • EP7 series
    • Platform SMD modules
    • Push-pull converter transformers
    • 4mm creepage
    • 4KVRMS isolation (600VRMS continuous)
  • EE5 series
    • Push-pull converter transformers
    • 1.5KVRMS isolation (380VRMS continuous)
    • 1W maximum output
    • Compact, cost-effective industrial design


Published: 2018-06-05 | Updated: 2023-07-07