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Web Scheduled Orders

About Scheduled Orders

Scheduled Orders offer the convenience of purchasing large product quantities at one time, up to 12 months in advance. Doing so gives you the benefit of larger quantity price breaks based on your total order quantity. Plus, Mouser handles all the planning to ensure your requested delivery schedule is met.

Additional benefits of scheduled orders include:

  • Save time by placing your order now and eliminate administrative work later.
  • No more worrying about items not being in stock when you need them. Let us worry about that.
  • Don’t limit your schedule to just one item. Order all of the products that you use regularly, and save.

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Online Schedule Function

Carts meeting scheduling requirements will display a "Schedule" icon in the cart toolbar near the top of the page. Clicking this button will direct you from the Shopping Cart page to the Schedule Order page. To place a scheduled order, you must create a delivery schedule including the item quantities and shipping dates you would like to receive your product.

  • Like items listed on the Shopping Cart page, scheduled items now feature a line number and item image.
  • Cart items that include error messages will not appear on the list of scheduled items.

Schedule Order button highlighted on shopping cart page.

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Scheduling Guidelines

In order to place an online scheduled order with Mouser, several conditions must be met. These include ensuring you are logged in to your My Mouser account, and that the merchandise total for all items in your cart is at least $500 USD.

Certain restrictions and rules apply when creating your order delivery schedule. These include:

  • Requested delivery dates cannot exceed one year from the order date.
  • Requested delivery dates cannot fall on a weekend.
  • For each part on your order, the total quantity ordered must be greater than or equal to its published Minimum order quantity.
  • For each requested delivery date, the quantity entered must be a multiple of the published Multiples quantity for that specific part.
  • The following types of parts cannot be scheduled: Software, Digital Download, Drop Ship, Discontinued, Obsolete, End of Life (EOL), Not Recommended for New Design (NRND), Preliminary Release, Factory Special Order, and Verify Status with Factory.
  • Placing an order that includes items with both immediate and scheduled shipments is allowed. Parts with immediate shipments will display a delivery date of "Ships Immediately".
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Adding Delivery Dates

The total order quantity will default to shipping immediately. As your delivery dates and quantities are added, your immediate quantity will automatically be reduced.

  • Use the "Add Shipment" link to add delivery dates to your schedule. Add a part quantity and requested delivery date in the provided fields in your item list.
  • Schedule multiple items with the same delivery date by choosing a date from the "Schedule Selected Items" field, checking the line boxes of the items to be scheduled, and clicking the "Apply" button. Then, enter the desired quantities for each item.
  • Click the blue "X" icon to delete scheduled deliveries.
  • Remember to click "Save Schedule" when you are finished creating or editing your delivery schedule, to ensure your requested schedule is applied.
  • Click the "Back to Cart" link to return to the Shopping Cart page once your scheduled order has been saved.

Delivery date scheduling area on shopping cart.

Your scheduled order detail page can also be exported as an Excel or PDF file.

Export dropdown options on schedule order page.

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Checkout Process

Checking out on our website with a scheduled order is similar to our standard online checkout process. When you return to the Shopping Cart page, and click the "Checkout" button, you will proceed to the checkout screen followed by the address, shipping, and payment selection screens. Finally, you will have an opportunity to review your complete order and delivery schedule before submitting your order.

It is important to note that Mouser cannot determine all shipping costs and applicable taxes on scheduled deliveries in advance. For this reason, any shipping costs and taxes displayed during checkout apply only to items shipping immediately. If all items on your order are scheduled for future delivery, no shipping costs or taxes will be displayed at checkout. They will instead be calculated and charged at time of shipment.

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Viewing in Order History

Viewing scheduled orders on our site is no different than viewing any of your other Mouser orders online. After logging into your account and navigating to the Order History area under My Account, you will see a listing of all your orders. This listing includes any standard web orders, scheduled order bases, and scheduled shipments that have released from their bases.

Scheduled Order Bases end with an "S", and contain the delivery schedules that have not yet been released for shipment.

Scheduled shipments that have released from the base will have the same order number, except after the "S" there will be a number (example: S1, S2, etc.). These orders have either shipped or are preparing to ship.

Order History.

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Modifying Schedules Online

We understand that your demand schedule can change over time. For your convenience, we offer the flexibility to edit your requested delivery schedule online. To make changes to your saved delivery schedule, log in and go to the Order History area under My Account.

When you click on a scheduled base (order number that end with an "S"), you will see the orange "Schedule Order" button which will direct you to the Scheduled Order page. All pending delivery dates and quantities per date will be editable. While delivery dates and quantities can change, any unscheduled quantity will automatically switch to "Ships Immediately".

Schedule Order button on Order History Page.

The following modifications are allowed:

  • Change a delivery date.
  • Change a delivery quantity.
  • Delete a scheduled delivery.

Please note that all original scheduling requirements will be enforced for any schedule modification.

If you need to make a change to your delivery schedule or order that cannot be completed online, please contact us.

Modify schedule in order history.

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