Microchip Technology SAM9XE ARM926 Highly Integrated Microprocessors

Microchip Technology SAM9XE ARM926 Highly Integrated Microprocessors combine an ARM926™ processor core with up to 512K bytes of on-chip Flash. It offers an unrivaled combination of performance and functionality on a single chip, making the SAM9XE ideal for space-constrained applications where a high level of integration and a small footprint is required. The SAM9XE shares the maximum peripherals and technology with Microchip ARM7® and Cortex® M3-based families, making migrating between the Flash microcontroller families easy. A worldwide ecosystem of industry-leading development tools, operating systems, and protocol stack suppliers fully supports the SAM9XE microcontrollers.


  • Extensive Peripherals for Networking/Connectivity - Includes 10/100 Ethernet, SD/SDIO/MMC, Full Speed USB 2.0 Device and Host, USART, SPI, SSC, TWI, and a 10-bit ADC
  • Optimized Internal Data Bandwidth - Integrates a processor clock running at 180MHz and a high data bandwidth architecture based on a 6-layer bus matrix with 24 DMA channels
  • Up to 512KB of Embedded Flash - Enables critical code to be securely stored on-chip, reducing the need for external memory
  • 1.8V to 3.3V Operation - True 1.8V ±10% operation extends device operation for battery-powered devices and other power-sensitive applications
Published: 2019-05-21 | Updated: 2023-05-26