Rethink Inventory Management

Mouser’s new, FREE web-based solution enables small companies, organizations and universities to easily manage and track their on-site stock of electronic components and supplies. For those with limited resources and time, we’ve created a total solution that lets you freely and easily manage your inventory levels, provide real-time inventory data, identify shrinkage, lower operation costs and more. Not only is it cross platform, working on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, it even comes with a handy app to make things even quicker and easier to manage. Allow us to show you its many time-saving capabilities.

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laptop with inventory management application displayed on it

Key Features

  • FREE inventory management tool
  • Online easy-to-use dashboard
  • Quick, step-by-step setup wizard
  • Manage and track part numbers and inventory levels
  • Generate current and historical inventory reports
  • Import current product inventory data from spreadsheets
  • Link products in your inventory to Mouser part numbers for easy reordering