How to Search for Products

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How to Find a Part

With millions of products available, Mouser provides a number of tools to help you find the exact product you need.

Using the search box

You can search for parts by keyword or part number by using the search box.

Enter part descriptions or numbers into the box. You can then narrow your search by selecting specific manufacturers or by clicking on product categories. You can use additional filters in most product categories that allow you to refine your search down to products that meet your specific needs.

Search by Manufacturer

Click on the Manufacturers link in the top navigation bar and select the manufacturer you are looking for. This will take you to a page within our website that is specifically dedicated to that manufacturer. If you enter a keyword or part number into the search box at the top of the page, your search will be limited to their products only.

Search by Product Category

Click one of the product categories listed on the left navigation bar on our home page, or choose View All Products at the bottom. You can then narrow your search by selecting specific manufacturers, additional product categories and product attributes until you drill down to the products you are looking for.

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