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Information about our rates, backorder & same-day shipping


Shipping rates for your order can be found in the shopping cart.

Backorder Shipping

If more than one shipment is necessary to complete your order, you will be able to select any applicable backorder options at the time of checkout. For customers shipping to the United States, backorder delivery methods may be available at reduced shipping rates.

Backorder statuses explained
Backorder statusDescription
Backorder in ProcessWe are in the process of ordering your purchase from our supplier.
Ordered from FactoryWe have placed the order with our supplier and await a shipping date.
Production in ProcessOur supplier is in the process of producing your purchase.
Production Completed {DATE} – In transit to our WarehouseYour purchase has been produced by our supplier and is on its way to our warehouse.
Production Issues Reported – Delivery UnknownThere could be a number of reasons for an issue being reported. Please contact us for further information.
Factory Will Drop Ship to CustomerThe manufacturer will ship your purchase directly to you.
In Stock - Product on HoldThere could be a number of reasons the product is on hold. Please contact us for further information.
Production Complete – In transit via ocean to our WarehouseYour purchase is on its way to our warehouse by sea. We will update the status once we have received it.

Same-Day Shipment

Mouser ships most UPS, FedEx, and DHL orders same day. Global Priority Mail and other US Postal Service orders ship on the next business day. The following exceptions cause orders to be reviewed before processing. Most exceptions are cleared immediately but some may cause an order to ship one day later.

  • If you provide any special instructions on your order
  • New customer orders that require security or address verification
  • Credit card security concerns
  • An open account customer with a credit concern
  • Import restrictions in some countries
  • Orders exporting from the US due to export regulations

Insurance Charges on Shipping

If the value of your order is $200 or more, we add a fee of $0.90 to insure the shipment. For every subsequent $100 of value above this, we add a further $0.90. For example, if the value of your order is between $300 and $399, the insurance fee will be $1.80. If you have your own insurance and therefore do not need us to insure the shipment, you can complete a waiver and Mouser will no longer make the charge. Please contact our Customer Service team to obtain the waiver. Remember that signing the waiver means that Mouser will not credit you for any loss or damage during shipment.


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