Sales Tax Information

Tax Exemption Requirements

Mouser collects sales tax on retail sales to locations in the states listed below.

During checkout you will be given the option to choose if your order is taxable or non-taxable. If non-taxable, you will be given an opportunity to complete an exemption or resale certificate online, or select one already on file.

Business customers may claim an exemption from these sales taxes by completing and returning the appropriate form below to our credit department by fax at (919)800-2548 or e-mail at

Form Options to Claim Tax Exemption


Business customers with locations in more than one state should use the following form:

Uniform Sales and Use Certificate (PDF)


State Document
Alabama AL Resale Form
Alaska AK Resale Certificate
Arizona AZ Certificate of Exemption
AZ Resale Form
Arkansas AR Resale Form
AR Certificate of Exemption
AR Exemption Affidavit
AR Exemption Form
California CA Resale Form
Colorado CO Exemption Form
Connecticut CT Resale Form
District of Columbia District of Columbia Resale Certificate
Florida Florida Resale Exemption
Georgia GA Resale Form
Hawaii HI Resale Form
HI Sales and Tax Exemption Forms
Idaho ID Certificate of Exemption
Illinois IL Resale Form
IL Certificate of Exemption
Indiana IN Resale and Tax Certificate Form
Iowa IA Resale Form
Kansas KS Resale Exemption Certificate
KS Certificate of Exemption
Kentucky KY Exemption Form
KY Resale Form
KY Tax Agreement Certificate
Louisiana LA Exemption Form
Maine ME Certificate of Exemption
Maryland MD Resale Form
Massachusetts MA Resale Form
MA Exemption Form
Michigan MI Sales and Use Certificate
Minnesota MN Resale Form
Mississippi MS Certificate of Exemption
Missouri MO Exemption Certificate
Nebraska NE Resale Form
Nevada NV Resale Form
New Jersey NJ Resale Form
NJ Exemption Form
New Mexico NM Exemption Form
New York NY Resale Form
NY Exemption Form
North Carolina NC Certificate of Exemption
North Dakota ND Resale Form
ND Exemption Form
Ohio OH Certificate of Exemption
Oklahoma OK Uniform Sales and Use Certificate
Pennsylvania PA Exemption Form
Puerto Rico PR Purchasers Affidavit of Export PR Exemption Certificate
Rhode Island RI Resale Form
RI R & D Exemption Form
South Carolina SC Resale Form
South Dakota SD Certificate of Exemption
Tennessee TN Certificate of Exemption
Texas TX Resale Form
Utah UT Exemption Form Government and Schools
UT Exemption Form Non-Utah Retailers
UT Exemption Form
Vermont VT Resale and Exemption Form
Virginia VA Resale Form
Washington WA Exemption Form
West Virginia WV Resale and Exemption Form
Wisconsin WI Resale and Exemption Form
Wyoming WY Resale Form


Business customers must request the Direct Pay Form from the State Department of Taxation and Finance and submit to appropriate state.