Xidas VP3 Vibration Perpetual Power Pod

Xidas VP3 Vibration Perpetual Power Pod integrates energy-harvesting technology that captures the energy from small environmental vibrations and converts it into electrical power that trickle charges a specialized onboard battery. Through disruptive electromagnetic generator design, proprietary analog boost circuitry, and specialized battery integration, the VP3 can provide sensors with up to 10 years of lifetime.

The energy harvesting generator inside the VP3 is designed to generate power from a specific resonant frequency. Xidas offers a range of VP3 models that are tuned for 30Hz (10-300100), 50Hz (10-300300), and 60Hz (10-300200). The common resonant frequency of the vibration source determines which VP3 model should be used. The vibrating source does not need to consistently vibrate at this resonant frequency. The VP3 has an onboard battery that will continue to power the wireless sensor even when the appropriate vibration source is not available. However, this battery will only recharge when the source begins vibrating at the target resonant frequency again.

The VP3 is designed to be mounted on any vibrating surface within a few feet of the wireless sensor it powers. Inside, the proprietary energy harvesting generator generates electrical current from low vibration profiles and trickle charges the onboard battery via the analog boost circuitry. This onboard battery allows the device to power a sensor even when vibration energy is not available. From the unit, power is delivered to the wireless sensor via a 5-pin, IP67 M12 connector cable. Wireless sensors must be modified to accept this cable connection.

The specialized high-pulse current lithium battery (RHB-1530 available as standalone product) can accommodate all wireless technologies, from low-current devices (BLUETOOTH®/BLE, ZigBee, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT) to high-current and high-pulse operations (Wi-Fi®, Cellular). The VP3 offers several output options that make the battery truly plug-and-play. Pin 4 provides a regulated output voltage with no conditioning so your sensor can plug right into it just like a normal battery. For applications with higher current demands (>150mA peaks), Pin 1 enables access to the system voltage, going up to 4.1V. A line is also provided to monitor the amount of current going into the battery as well as going out.

The Xidas VP3 Vibration Perpetual Power Pod features a compact 56mm (diameter) x 42mm (height) form factor and weighs only 180g.


  • Captures the energy from environmental vibrations and converts it into electrical power
  • Up to 10-year lifetime for sensors
  • Up to 10mW of direct power generation from vibrations with less than 1g acceleration
  • Small profile (56mm diameter x 42mm height)
  • Power handling accommodates all wireless technologies
    • Low current devices (BLE, ZigBee, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT)
    • High current operation (Wi-Fi, Cellular)
  • Plug-&-Play
    • Output easily integrated with existing equipment
    • No conditioning circuitry required
    • Seamless charging/discharging
  • Ruggedized Design
    • Sturdy, waterproof IP67 enclosure
    • -20°C to +85ºC temperature range


  • Power for wireless sensors
  • Machine condition monitoring
  • Environment monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking


  • Frequency
    • 10-300100: 30Hz
    • 10-300300: 50Hz
    • 10-300200: 60Hz
  • Electrical specifications
    • Harvesting Power: 0.5mW to 10mW
    • System voltage output: 4.1V to 3.0VDC at 750mA (maximum)
    • Regulated voltage output 1.8V or 3.3VDC at 150mA (maximum)
    • Energy storage: Wide-temperature high-pulse battery
    • M12-5P Cable
      • Rated voltage 300V; Rated current 1A
      • 5-pins M12 connector cable, PVC
  • Mechanical specifications
    • Outline dimensions: 56mm diameter x 42mm height
    • Mounting hole: ¼-28 UNF, 6.35mm deep
    • Weight: 6.3 ounce (nominal), 180g
    • Vibration label: 0.05g to 1g of acceleration
    • Shock limit: 50g
  • Material information
    • Anodized aluminum 6061 enclosure; RoHS compliant
    • UL certified battery
    • PCB board UL recognized
    • M12-5P IP67 rated cable



Xidas VP3 Vibration Perpetual Power Pod

Cable Pin Assignments

Xidas VP3 Vibration Perpetual Power Pod
Published: 2021-02-24 | Updated: 2022-03-11