GCT (Global Connector Technology) 0.5mm Pitch Standard FFC Jumper Cables

GCT (Global Connector Technology) 0.5mm Pitch Standard FFC Jumper Cables are suitable for the FFC connector range and are available with 4 to 80 conductors. These FFC jumper cables are available in either A type, where the contacts are on the same side, or D type, where the contacts are on opposite sides. These cables can be folded into different shapes to save further space, enabling them to fit perfectly into the equipment, and can be folded in such a way as to navigate around intricate designs. GCT 0.5mm pitch standard FFC jumper cables are suitable for 80°C and 60V and have lengths ranging from 30mm to 304mm.


  • 0.5mm pitch
  • 4 to 80 conductors available
  • 30mm to 304mm lengths
  • Flexible design
  • Contact Layout
    • Type A - contacts same side
    • Type D - contacts opposite side


  • 60V voltage rating
  • 0.5A current rating
  • 30 cycles of durability
  • +80°C or +105°C operating temperature depending on style
  • Tinned copper conductor
  • Flame-retardant polyester insulation
  • Polyester supporting tape
Published: 2023-08-30 | Updated: 2024-02-22