CONXALL Mixed Signal/Power Contact MINI-CON-X® OTS Cables

CONXALL Mixed Signal/Power Contact MINI-CON-X® OTS Cables are factory-molded, high-quality molded cables available as a standard off-the-shelf item. These cables feature 4-16 pins/sockets, 6-20 pins/sockets, 5-16 cable end sockets, and 7 and 8-20 cable end sockets. The MINI-CON-X OTS cables save space and reduce cost by using a single connector for signal and power. These cables include larger contacts that provide the current capacity for power supply, while smaller contacts provide the density for multiple signal conductors.


  • 8 number of conductors
  • Right-angle cable mounting type
  • Blunt cut termination style
  • Gold contact plating
  • 10A and 2.5A current rating
  • High-quality molded cables now available as a standard, off-the-shelf item
  • Bayonet coupling locking style
  • 79-inch length
  • Black color
  • Bulk packaging type
  • Mixed contact size special feature


  • 300V rated and 20 AWG wire
  • -30°C to 105°C operating temperature range
  • 30mils PVC black jacket material
  • 15mils PVC conductor insulation
  • UV and water resistant
  • Color-coded and tissue paper-separated conductor wires
  • UL-recognized and CSA certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Molded 360° flex relief
  • Made in the USA
  • Single-ended cable with blunt cut
  • Straight or right-angle connector options
  • 2, 3, and 4 conductor versions are available
Published: 2023-07-14 | Updated: 2023-07-26