Vishay / BC Components NTCAFLEX05 NTC Flex Foil Sensors

Vishay/BC Components' NTCAFLEX05 Flex Foil Sensors are surface temperature sensors with a low thermal mass and rapid response time down to 2s. The design of this miniature NTC temperature sensor includes flex foil for high flexibility,  a strain relief hole to avoid traction to the sensor head and gold-plated terminations. NTCAFLEX05 is AEC-Q200 qualified, insulated, and humidity resistant. NTCAFLEX05 Flex Foil Sensors are well-suited for narrow space applications and are commonly used in consumer applications, white goods, power supply (heat-sinks), battery, display, LED, Industrial applications (robotics), boilers, EV and HV batteries.


  • Rapid response time down to 2s
  • Suitable for narrow space applications
  • High flexibility of the foil
  • Insulated and humidity resistant
  • A strain relief hole is included in the flex design to avoid traction to the sensor head
  • Gold plated terminations
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • Consumer appliances and white goods
  • Power supply (heat-sinks)
  • Battery, displays, LED
  • Industrial applications, robotics
  • Boilers
  • EV and HV batteries
Published: 2012-11-19 | Updated: 2022-03-11