Vishay / BC Components NTCLE317 NTC Thermistor

Vishay / BC Components NTCLE317 NTC Thermistor with Very Low Thermal Gradient is a fast-reaction sensor suited for applications where a small bead size with tight temperature accuracy is required, down to ±0.5°C, around the actual hotspot temperature (temperature gradient lower than 10mK/K). The PEEK-insulated NiFe alloy conductor wires of NTCLE317 have the lowest thermal conductivity available. When the component measures a hot spot inside a temperature probe, essentially no heat is dissipated to the surrounding environment through the wires.

Vishay / BC Components NTCLE317 will sense the exact temperature within ±0.5°C, unlike other components with more thermally conductive wires like copper. This can be characterized by a gradient measurement of less than 10mK/K. The small size of the bead provides for a response time in air of <3s. The PEEK insulator of the lead wire has good adhesion with epoxy (unlike Teflon, for example) and will improve the behavior of the components in high humidity conditions (85°C/85% RH). Because the NTCLE317 is also 100% compliant to AEC-Q200 with a maximal use temperature of 150°C, it is ideal for automotive applications (thermally and electrically). 


  • 1.6mm maximum bead diameter size
  • Accuracy down to ±0.5°C
  • <10mK/K thermal gradient
  • AEC-Q200 automotive qualified
  • Operating temperature up to +150°C
  • Superior moisture resistivity (+85°C/85% relative humidity)


  • Boilers (clip sensors)
  • Smoke or fire detectors
  • Battery pack integration
  • Charge circuits
  • DC fan motors
  • Seat heating in vehicles
  • Printer heads


Published: 2020-05-29 | Updated: 2022-03-11