Vishay / BC Components NTCLE213E3 Thermistors

Vishay / BC Components NTCLE213E3 Thermistors are highly resistant to thermal shocks and utilize advanced NTC technology to provide a fast response time and high sensitivity. Vishay NTCLE213E3 Thermistors have a small body diameter of max. 2.5 mm and a temperature range of -55 °C to +150 °C.


  • Advanced NTC technology
  • -55°C to +150°C temperature range
  • Highly resistant to thermal shocks
  • 2.5mm maximum body diameter
  • Fast response time
  • High sensitivity


  • Temperature sensing, control, and compensation
    • Temp sensing thermistors
    • ECT in automotive applications
  • Sensor elements
    • Industrial and commercial systems
    • Heating systems
Published: 2015-07-24 | Updated: 2022-07-25