UrsaLeo UrsaCloud UltraLite Development Kit

UrsaLeo UrsaCloud UltraLite Development Kit offers a turnkey, Google Cloud-connected platform for data management. The Development Kit allows users to manage sensors, store, visualize and process data, access Google's cloud tools such as Big Query analytics, and set event-based alerts for user-defined and automatic conditions.

The UrsaCloud UltraLite Development Kit includes the NXP Semiconductors iMX6UL Development Board (MCIMX6UL-EVKB), the Silicon Labs Thunderboard Sense 2 Sensor Board (SLTB004A), and a Murata Wi-Fi® LAN + Bluetooth® Module (LBEE5KL1DX-TEMP-DS-SD). Also included is a portable router pre-configured to communicate with the NXP Board. On power up, the UrsaLeo software connects the NXP Board to the Thunderboard Sense 2 Sensor Board and collects data on the 10x Sensors over a BLUETOOTH® connection. The UrsaCloud UltraLite Kit processes, encrypts, and transmits the data via a portable router to the Google Cloud, where it is displayed on a pre-configured dashboard.

Sensors included in the UrsaCloud UltraLite Development Kit are Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ambient Light, UV Light, 3-axis Gyroscope, Microphone, Air Quality, Air Volatile Organic Compound Levels, and Magnetic Field Strength.


  • Highly secure, login is via UrsaLeo's server, which communicates with the Google Cloud through public/private certificates
  • Flexible, users can set parameters for each element of the cloud through a browser-based graphical user interface
  • Performance ready: Scales to thousands of messages / seconds to support very large IoT installations
  • Cost-effective and pricing equivalent to having a direct Google Cloud account, but with ready-to-go functionality
  • Fully managed, UrsaLeo deploys and maintains the operation of all services, no additional IT staff is required
  • Revenue-generating, tools are available to charge customers to use the cloud platform

Kit Contents

  • iMX6UL development kit from NXP modified with additional LEDs for debugging
  • Silicon Labs Thunderboard 2 sensor board
  • Murata WiFi / BLE combo development board
  • Power cables for UK, Europe, and US operations and 2x USB cables
  • 16GB µSD card preconfigured with Yocto Linux and UrsaLeo Gateway


UrsaLeo UrsaCloud UltraLite Development Kit
Published: 2018-06-25 | Updated: 2022-11-22