u-blox NINA-B2 Stand-Alone Dual-Mode BLUETOOTH® Modules

u-blox NINA-B2 Stand-Alone Dual-Mode BLUETOOTH® Modules are small, dual-mode BLUETOOTH standalone modules. They are designed for ease of use and integration into professional applications. The modules are pre-flashed with u-connectXpress software. This provides support for peripheral and central roles, Serial Port Profile, GATT client and server, beacons, u-blox BLUETOOTH low energy Serial Port Service. These are all configurable from a host using AT commands. This software is easy to use and reduces the time, risk, and cost to add BLUETOOTH connectivity to products.


  • Simultaneous dual-mode Bluetooth
  • u-connect software for accelerated time to market
  • Built-in security with secure boot
  • Small footprint and multiple antenna options
  • Pin compatible with other NINA modules
  • Global certification


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • BLUETOOTH networks
  • Telematics
  • Point-of-sales
  • Medical and industrial networking
  • Access to laptops, mobile phones, and similar consumer devices
  • Home/building automation
  • Ethernet/Wireless gateways

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - u-blox NINA-B2 Stand-Alone Dual-Mode BLUETOOTH® Modules
Published: 2020-12-01 | Updated: 2023-04-07