u-blox EVK-LILY-W1 Evaluation Kits

u-blox EVK-LILY-W1 Evaluation Kits evaluate the ultra-compact, host-based LILY-W1 Wi-Fi modules. These kits include evaluation board EVB-LILY-W131 for LILY-W131 or EVB-LILY-W132 for LILY-W132, 2.4GHz antenna, RP-SMA to U.FL adapter cable (EVK-LILY-W131 only), and quick-start card. The evaluation boards offer a standard full-size SDIO card connector (compatible with host sockets designed for SD memory cards) and a micro-USB receptacle for host communication. This allows the evaluation of the LTE filter and different antenna setups.  

Kit Contents

  • EVB-LILY-W131 evaluation board for LILY-W131 module or EVB-LILY-W132 for LILY-W132 module
  • One 2.4GHz antenna (ProAnt Ex-IT 2400 RP-SMA 70-002) and RP-SMA to U.FL adapter cable (EVK-LILY-W131 only)
  • Quick-start card


  • Full access to all interfaces
    • SDIO 2.0 device interface via SDIO card connector for host communication
    • USB 2.0 device interface via micro-USB receptacle for host communication
  • Selectable voltage level for power supply and GPIO
  • Available for internal antenna and antenna pin variants of the LILY-W1 module
  • EVK-LILY-W132 evaluation board:
    • For evaluation of LILY-W132 module
    • Antenna and LTE filter integrated on the LILY-W132 module
  • EVK-LILY-W131 evaluation board:
    • For evaluation of LILY-W131 module
    • U.FL connectors for external antennas
    • LTE filter integrated on the evaluation board
    • Includes external antenna with RPSMA connector
    • Includes RPSMA to U.FL antenna cable
    • Antenna switch for antenna diversity integrated on the evaluation board



u-blox EVK-LILY-W1 Evaluation Kits
Published: 2020-07-08 | Updated: 2022-03-11