Toshiba Brushless Motor Driver ICs

Toshiba Brushless Motor Driver ICs offer energy-saving and quiet motor operation in brushless DC (BLDC) motors that are used for a variety of applications. To improve motor drive efficiency, a complicated process of lead angle adjustment is generally required. Toshiba's motor drive controllers, with Intelligent Phase Control technology, help to solve this problem and achieve optimal efficiency.

When a BLDC motor is driven with a sine wave, changes in the RPM of a motor due to the effect of its impedance cause a phase difference between its voltage and current. This difference decreases drive efficiency. Because of this difference, a phase adjustment is necessary to improve efficiency. Intelligent Phase Control technology compares the relationship between the current phase (current information) and the voltage phase (Hall-effect signal). It then provides feedback to the motor current control signal to align the voltage and current phases automatically. As a result, Intelligent Phase Control technology provides high efficiency.

To achieve the highest efficiency using conventional technology, the user must adjust a phase difference between the voltage and current of a motor at several points in its operating RPM range. The advantage of Intelligent Phase Control technology is that it allows users to achieve automatic voltage and current phases alignment across the entire speed range. This can be achieved by a simple calibration in the lab during the development stage which helps to reduce development time.


Published: 2019-10-25 | Updated: 2022-03-11