HARTING UIC 558 Interfaces

HARTING UIC 558 Interfaces have two interfaces, with inserts offering space for 13 or 18 pins, and an additional solution with 22 pins and a PE for inter-car jumpers. The series offers interfaces for connecting remote control and data transmission lines to locomotive-hauled passenger trains. The lifelines of rail vehicles transmit data and signals for the remote control of lighting, the operation of door-opening systems, and the transmission of acoustic information and digital data packets. An important requirement of UIC 558 is that the interfaces must release automatically above a particular tensile force. This safety function causes the interface halves to separate non-destructively if two electrically connected vehicles move apart. HARTING UIC 558 Interfaces was developed to adopt Train Communication Network (TCN as in IEC61375) with an 18-conductor cable and connector. 13-wire plugs can be connected to an 18-pin socket, and the signals from the 13-wire cable can be carried through and the remaining five wires used for the Train Communication Network (TCN)-bus and side-sensitive door control.


  • Breakaway function
    • Automatic disconnection triggered at 500N
    • Ensures non-destructive disconnect, saving time and reducing costs
  • Corrosion resistant
    • Robust against aggressive elements
    • Ensures longevity in functionality
  • Visual color and physical keying of connectors
    • Inability to incorrectly plug connections
    • Eliminates incorrect installation
    • Saves time and boosts cost-effectiveness


  • Acc. to UIC 558 VE (IRIS 50558)
  • 13, 18, and 22 pins
  • Gold, silver, and nickel plating options
  • 10,000 mating cycles
  • Shock and vibration acc. Cat. 2 (IEC 61373)
  • -50° to +125°C temperature range 
  • IP69k when mated
  • IP67 unmated


Published: 2023-05-05 | Updated: 2023-05-22