EAO 09 Series Rugged CAN-Based Keypads

EAO 09 Series Rugged CAN-Based Keypads offer high reliability and are designed for E1 applications and safety-relevant applications in accordance with ISO 26262 and EN ISO 13849. The CAN bus connection ensures intelligent and free programmability. The robust, modular design of the EAO 09 Series Rugged Keypads provides up to IP6K9K sealing levels and the ability to customize and individually select/arrange the keypad legends. These rugged features make these high-quality devices ideal for heavy-duty and special vehicles.


  • Individual 4-segment and RGB halo ring illumination
  • Designed for functional safety, meeting ISO 26262 and ISO 13849 standards
  • Intelligent HMIs with CAN bus integration
  • Robust, innovative, ergonomic design sealed up to IP67 or IP6K9K protection
  • Interchangeable ISO 7000 range of symbols or customized symbols
  • HMI functions
    • Rugged keypad
    • Rugged rotary cursor controller


  • Roadmaking vehicles and roller compactors
  • Loaders, bulldozers, and excavators
  • Cranes, dump trucks, and crawler drills
  • Fire-fighting and rescue vehicles
  • Road sweepers, cleaning vehicles, and refuse trucks
  • Snow removers and groomers
  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment


  • 8VDC to 32VDC operating voltage
  • CANopen Safety, CANopen, or J939 communication protocols or hard-wired version
  • RED or RGB illumination
  • Environmental protection
    • IP67 protection (front and rear sides, panel/screw-in)
    • IP54 protection (panel/clip-in)


Published: 2023-04-20 | Updated: 2023-05-02