Chip Quik Dual Row Adapters

Chip Quik Dual Row Adapters include a range of products from DIP-08 Adapters to dual row 0.35mm pitch stencils to compact series adapters. The DIP300-SOIC dual row adapters support DIP-08 (0.3" width, 0.1" pitch) to SOIC-8 narrow/wide (1.27mm pitch, 150/200 mil body) adapters. The GEN-DR035 adapters accommodate generic dual row 0.35mm pitch and 40/60-pin configurations. The dual row adapters operate within the -40°C to 130°C temperature range and feature a 260°C maximum reflow temperature. These adapters are lead-free and are RoHS 3 and REACH compliant. The PCB construction is FR-4 UL94V-0 rated, and the board assembly standard is IPC-A-610 Class II.

Stainless Steel Stencils

Chip Quik Dual Row Adapters

The GEN-DR035 Stainless Steel Stencils support generic dual-row adapters. These stainless steel stencils are available in 0.35mm and 1.5mm pitch and 40, 60 pin configurations. The IPC0266-S stencil supports compact series adapters and features a 1.27mm pitch and 150/200mil body.


  • DIP300-SOIC:
    • DIP-08 (DIP-8) (0.3" width, 0.1" pitch) to SOIC-8 narrow/wide (1.27mm pitch, 150/200/300mil body) adapter
  • GEN-DR035/150:
    • Generic dual row 0.35mm/1.5mm Pitch to DIP-40/60 adapters
  • IPC026x:
    • SOIC-8 to TO-8 SMT adapter (1.27mm pitch, 150/200mil body) compact series
    • DIP-8 socket to TO-8 SMT adapter (2.54mm pitch, 300mil body) compact series
  • -40°C to 130°C operating temperature range
  • 260°C reflow maximum temperature
  • Lead-free
  • RoHS 3 and REACH compliant
  • FR-4 UL94V-0 rated
  • IPC-A-610 Class II assembly standard
Published: 2023-08-10 | Updated: 2023-08-16