Amphenol Sine Systems A Series™ Crimp Tools

Amphenol Sine Systems A Series™ Crimp Tools are available in either a kit or as individual crimping tools in size 20, size 16, and size 12. The individual crimping tools feature machined pin and socket contacts and are ideal for use with the A Series family of sealed heavy-duty plastic and metal connectors. These tools feature a smooth ratcheting mechanism that ensures consistent results every time and an adjustable crimping force (1 to 7 settings) that provides adaptability to various contacts. 

Additionally, the Amphenol Sine Systems A Series Crimping Tool Kit includes one universal heavy-duty contact crimping tool, one wire stripper, three positioners (color coded), one Wedgelock extraction tool, one Go-No-Go gauge tool, and one instruction sheet. These crimping tools are ideal for demanding interconnect architectures, including heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, military, and alternate energy.


  • Size 20, size 16, and size 12
  • Industry-standard 4 indent/8 impression crimper
  • Smooth ratcheting mechanism
  • Adjustable crimping force (1 to 7 settings) for crimpers
  • Adjustable dial (1 to 8 settings) for tool kit
  • High-quality materials

Kit Contents

  • One universal heavy-duty contact crimping tool
  • One wire stripper
  • Three positioners (color-coded)
  • One Wedgelock extraction tool
  • One Go-No-Go gauge tool
  • One instruction sheet
Published: 2023-07-13 | Updated: 2023-09-12