Littelfuse Gaming Solutions

Littelfuse Gaming Solutions include a wide range of products, including protection ICs, TVS diode arrays, switches, and temperature indicators. Smart wearables are bridging the gap between the physical and virtual realms. These Littelfuse Gaming Solutions are suitable for gaming controllers, wireless headphones, smart watches, and VR and AR headsets. 


  • Smart watches
  • Tracker necklaces
  • Smart rings
  • Smart clothes
  • Action cameras
  • AR glasses
  • VR kits
  • Wireless headphones
  • Gaming controllers
  • Headphone speakers

VR/AR Headset Diagram

Littelfuse Gaming Solutions

setP™ Digital Temperature Indicators (USB-C)       SC1205-01ETG TVS Diode
LS0505EVD22 Protection IC                                    SP1021 TVS Diode Array
LS0504EVT233 Protection IC                                  SP3021 TVS Diode Array
Low Rho PPTCs                                                       NanoT Switches
SPHV-C TVS Diode Arrays

Game Controller Diagram

Littelfuse Gaming Solutions

SetP™ Digital Temperature Indicators           VLR Battery Straps
LS0505EVD22 Protection IC                          VLP Battery Straps
LS0504EVT233 Protection IC                        MHP Battery Straps
Low Rho PPTCs                                             KMT0 Tactile Switches
SPHV-C TVS Diode Arrays                             KSC7 Tactile Switches
SC1205-01ETG TVS Diode Array                  KMR4 Tactile Switches
SP1021 TVS Diode Array                               PTS645 Tactile Switches
SP3021 TVS Diode Array                               THB001P Thumb Switch

Wireless Headsets Diagram

Littelfuse Gaming Solutions

S0505EVD22 Protection IC                      SP1021 TVS Diode Array
Low Rho PPTCs                                       SP3021 TVS Diode Array
SPx TVS Diode Arrays                             0603L PPTCs
SP1006-01UTG TVS Diode Array            NanoT Switches

Wearable Devices Diagram

Littelfuse Gaming Solutions


Published: 2023-02-27 | Updated: 2023-04-07