Laird Performance Materials CoolZorb 200 Hybrid TIM/EMI Absorbers

Laird Performance Materials CoolZorb 200 Hybrid TIM/EMI Absorbers are hybrid absorber/thermal management materials for EMI mitigation and heat dissipation. These absorbers function like a traditional thermal interface material between heat sources such as an IC and heat sink or other heat transfer devices or metal chassis. The CoolZorb 200 absorbers offer good EMI suppression within 1GHz to 25GHz, suppressing unwanted energy coupling, resonances, or surface currents causing board-level EMI issues. These absorbers feature 34psi tensile strength, 2 x 1010Ω surface resistivity, 91.2% resilience percentage, and -40°C to 175°C operating temperature range. Typical applications include EMI attenuation, mmWave, optical modules, and thermal transfer.


  • Cost-effective hybrid material for thermal and EMI absorbing functionality
  • Good EMI suppression within 1GHz to 25GHz
  • Inherent surface tack typical of standard thermal gap fillers
  • Tested to meet UL 94V-0 flame requirements
  • Dual functional properties of thermal conductivity and EMI reduction provide a two-in-one solution for easier design and assembly and lower cost of ownership
  • Improved EMC performance and resultant lower cost to meet compliance requirements
  • Improved reliability performance of electronics:
    • Better signal integrity due to the reduction of EMI
    • Consistent performance of electronics due to temperature stability and low outgassing properties of the product
  • Environmentally friendly solution that meets regulatory requirements, including RoHS and REACH


  • 31.5dB/cm attenuation at 10GHz
  • 33dB/cm attenuation at 20GHz
  • 34psi tensile strength
  • 2 x1010Ω surface resistivity
  • 91.2% resilience percentage
  • -40°C to 175°C operating temperature range


  • EMI attenuation
  • mmWave
  • Optical module
  • Thermal transfer
Published: 2023-08-30 | Updated: 2023-09-08