Bourns BN POWrTherm™ NTC Thermistors

Bourns BN POWrTherm™ NTC Thermistors offer a 7W maximum power rating, a resistance range of 7mΩ to 220Ω, and ±20% resistance tolerance. These thermistors are constructed from various metal oxides, which form the polycrystalline NTC thermistor bodies, making them capable of suppressing high inrush currents with an equivalent capacitance of up to 1500μF and a maximum current of up to 15A. BN series NTC thermistors are housed in radial-leaded through-hole packages and offer different disk sizes to cater to various market segments. Bourns BN POWrTherm™ NTC Thermistors have flame-retardant material that meets UL 94V-0 specifications.  


  • 5mm to 25mm disk diameter range
  • Highly stable electrical characteristics
  • Flame-retardant coating material meets UL 94V-0 requirements
  • Power NTC thermistor for inrush current limiting (ICL)
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free


  • 5mm to 25mm disk diameter range
  • 7W maximum power rating
  • 7mΩ to 220Ω resistance range
  • ±20% resistance tolerance

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Bourns BN POWrTherm™ NTC Thermistors
Published: 2023-07-05 | Updated: 2023-08-29