Texas Instruments TMAG5273 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensors

Texas Instruments TMAG5273 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensors are designed for a wide range of industrial and personal electronics applications. The TMAG5273 integrates three independent Hall-effect sensors in the X, Y, and Z axes. The sensors utilize a precision analog signal chain and an integrated 12-bit ADC that digitizes the measured analog magnetic field values.

The I2C interface, while supporting multiple operating VCC ranges, ensures seamless data communication with low-voltage microcontrollers. The TMAG5273 features an integrated temperature sensor available for numerous system functions, such as thermal budget check or temperature compensation calculation for a given magnetic field.

The TI TMAG5273 can be configured through the I2C interface to enable any combination of magnetic axes and temperature measurements. Furthermore, the sensors can be configured to various power options (including wake-up and sleep mode), allowing users to optimize system power consumption based on the system-level needs.

The device offers multiple sensor conversion schemes, and I2C read frames help optimize throughput and accuracy. A dedicated INT pin can act as a system interrupt during low power wake-up and sleep mode and be used by a microcontroller to trigger a new sensor conversion. An integrated angle calculation engine (CORDIC) provides full 360° angular position information for on-axis and off-axis angle measurement topologies. The angle calculation is conducted using two user-selected magnetic axes. The TMAG5273 features magnetic gain and offsets correction to mitigate the impact of system mechanical error sources.

The TMAG5273 is available in four different factory-programmed I2C addresses. The device also supports additional I2C addresses by modifying a user-configurable I2C address register. Each orderable part can be configured to select one of two magnetic field ranges that fit the magnet strength and component placement during system calibration.

The TMAG5273 performs consistently across a wide ambient temperature range of –40°C to +125°C and is housed in a DBV package.


  • Configurable power modes include:
    • 2.3mA active mode current
    • 1µA wake-up and sleep mode current
    • 5nA sleep mode current
  • Selectable linear magnetic range at X, Y, or Z-axis:
    • TMAG5273x1: ±40mT, ±80mT
    • TMAG5273x2: ±133mT, ±266mT
  • Interrupt signal from user-defined magnetic and temperature threshold cross
  • 5% (typical) sensitivity drift
  • Integrated angle CORDIC calculation with gain and offset adjustment
  • 20kSPS single-axis conversion rate
  • Configurable averaging up to 32x for noise reduction
  • Conversion trigger by I2C or dedicated INT pin
  • Optimized I2C interface with cyclic redundancy check (CRC):
    • Maximum 1MHz I2C clock speed
    • Special I2C frame reads for improved throughput
    • Factory-programmed and user-configurable I2C addresses
  • Integrated temperature compensation for multiple magnet types
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • 1.7V to 3.6V supply voltage VCC range
  • Operating temperature range of –40℃ to +125℃


  • Electricity meters
  • Electronic smart lock
  • Smart thermostat
  • Joystick and gaming controllers
  • Drone payload control
  • Door and window sensor
  • Magnetic proximity sensor
  • Mobile robot motor control
  • E-bike

Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Texas Instruments TMAG5273 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensors
Published: 2022-03-18 | Updated: 2022-03-28