Texas Instruments TMAG5170/TMAG5170-Q1 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor

Texas Instruments TMAG5170/TMAG5170-Q1 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor is a high-precision Hall-effect sensor designed for various industrial and personal electronics applications. This high level of integration offers flexibility and accuracy in various position-sensing systems. The device features three independent Hall sensors at the X, Y, and Z axes. A precision signal chain and an integrated 12-bit ADC enable high accuracy and low drift magnetic field measurements while supporting a sampling of up to 20ksps. On-chip temperature sensor data is available for system-level drift compensation.

Integrated angle calculation engine (CORDIC) provides complete 360° angular position information for both on-axis and off-axis angle measurement topologies. The angle calculation is performed using two user-selected magnetic axes. The device features magnetic gain and offset correction to mitigate the impact of system mechanical error sources. The TMAG5170/TMAG5170-Q1 can be configured through the SPI to enable any combination of magnetic axes and temperature measurements. Multiple sensor conversion schemes and SPI read frames help optimize throughput and accuracy. A dedicated ALERT pin can act as a system interrupt during low power wake-up and sleep mode and can also be used by a microcontroller to trigger a new sensor conversion.

The Texas Instruments TMAG5170/TMAG5170-Q1 offers multiple diagnostics features to detect and report both system and device-level failures. The SPI communication features a user-enabled cyclic redundancy check to enhance the data integrity. The device is offered in two different types to support wide magnetic fields ranges from ±25mT to ±300mT. The device performs consistently across a wide ambient temperature range of –40°C to +150°C. The TMAG5170-Q1 devices are AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.


  • High-precision linear 3D Hall-effect sensor to optimize position sensing speed and accuracy
    • ±2.6% (max. at 25°C) linear measurement total error
    • ±2.8% (max.) sensitivity temperature drift
    • 20Ksps conversion rate for single axis
  • 10MHz serial peripheral interface (SPI) with cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
  • Built-in temperature sensor with < ±2°C error
  • Independently selectable X, Y, and Z magnetic ranges
    • TMAG5170A1: ±25, ±50, ±100mT
    • TMAG5170A2: ±75, ±150, ±300mT
  • 5nA (typical) deep sleep mode current
  • Autonomous wake-up and sleep mode for threshold detection consuming only 1.5µA
  • ALERT function to initiate sensor conversion or indicate conversion complete
  • Integrated diagnostics for fault detection
  • Integrated angle CORDIC calculation with gain and offset adjustment
  • 2.3V to 5.5V supply voltage range
  • –40°C to +150°C operating temperature range


  • Robotic arm sensors
  • Mobile robot motor control
  • Proximity sensors
  • Linear motor position sensors
  • Servo drive position sensors
  • Actuators
  • Robotic lawnmowers
  • Vacuum robots
  • Washer and dryers
  • Door and window sensor
Texas Instruments TMAG5170/TMAG5170-Q1 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor

Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Texas Instruments TMAG5170/TMAG5170-Q1 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor
Published: 2021-10-06 | Updated: 2023-01-26