Teledyne LeCroy DL02-HCM 250MHz Test Probe

Teledyne LeCroy DL02-HCM 250MHz Test Probe is a 60V common mode differential probe. This probe features the highest 0.5% gain accuracy, precision gain calibration, and best LF flatness (0.1dB). The DL02-HCM probe provides the perfect combination of high performance and flexibility for connecting to any device under test. This probe is ideal for low voltage GaN power conversion measurement with the highest accuracy, best CMRR, and low noise. Applications include 48V motors and drives, high-power DC-DC converters, GaN-based PDNs, AC-DC switch-mode power supplies, wireless charging systems, and gate-drive measurements.

The 60V of common mode is ideal for handling any float of the battery and bulk/absorption voltage during charging. At the same time, the 80V differential input range provides a margin for any overshoot. The precision gain calibration capability permits further measurement precision by improving the gain accuracy and removing small offset drifts from the measurement configuration.


  • Ideal probe for 48V power conversion with 250MHz bandwidth
  • Highest accuracy:
    • 0.5% gain accuracy
    • Precision gain calibration
    • Best LF flatness (0.1dB)
  • Lowest noise and highest rejection
  • ProBus active probe interface
  • Wide variety of tips:
    • High performance solder-in
    • Single pins and header
    • Mini and micro grabbers
    • Socketed connections
    • High temp solder-in
    • Y-banana adaptor


  • 1400ps rise time
  • 80V (DC + peak AC) from 200mV/div to 20V/div differential voltage range
  • ±60V (DC + peak AC) common mode voltage range
  • ±0.5% (guaranteed) DC gain accuracy
  • DC to 50MHz 0.1dB frequency response flatness
  • ±60V offset range
  • 50Ω output termination
  • 0°C to 50°C operating temperature range


  • 48V motors and drives
  • High-power DC-DC converters
  • GaN-based PDNs
  • AC-DC switch-mode power supplies
  • Wireless charging systems
  • Gate-drive measurements

Wide Variety of Tips

Teledyne LeCroy DL02-HCM 250MHz Test Probe
Published: 2023-08-14 | Updated: 2023-08-18