LoadSlammer Xilinx Power Test Adapters

LoadSlammer Xilinx Power Test Adapters (PTA) are a set of three Ball Grid Array (BGA) adapter boards that help in testing and validating the Power Delivery Network (PDN) for AMD Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The Power Test Adapters are designed to be used in conjunction with one of the LoadSlammer Remote Sense Kits. These Power Test Adapters each feature 6 Samtec connectors and SMP mini connectors for connection to test equipment. The Power Test Adapters are designed with a BGA footprint that reflows onto the PCB pads of a test board. A graphic user interface (GUI) supports pulse train, transient, impedance, and 3D plots.

The LoadSlammer Xilinx Power Test Adapters are Form Factor Equivalent Devices (FFED) that were developed to quickly evaluate, characterize, and validate power delivery schemes for AMD/Xilinx Versal™ AI Core Series and Versal Premium AIE devices. This enables the designers to stress test the power delivery circuitry before fitting the FPGA.

A pair of red and black silicon rubber, 6AWG, 7X150/36 TC strand, 150C/600V cables are also offered. These cables are terminated in Wurth Blocks with non-insulated rings on ends for connecting to Power Take Off (PTO) boards. The cables are available in lengths of 3ft and 6ft.


  • Set of 3 Xilinx Power Test Adaptors (PTA) for PDN testing AMD Xilinx Versal ACAP AI VSVA2197 series FPGAs
  • Options available for VM1502, VM1802, VE1752, VC1502, VC1702, VC1802, VC1902
  • 6 Samtec connectors for measuring VCCINT, VCC_IO, VCC_SOC, VGTY_AVTT, VCCAUX, AVCC
  • PTA with BGA footprint reflows onto VSVA2197 PCB pads
  • Remote Vsense on Samtec connectors and SMP mini connectors
  • Most rails can be tested with an LSP200 Remote Sense Kit
  • VCCINT >100A support with an LSP1000RS Remote Sense Kit
  • GUI supports transient, pulse train, impedance and 3D plots


Published: 2023-03-06 | Updated: 2023-09-14