Keysight Technologies E36731A Battery Emulator & Profiler

Keysight Technologies E36731A Battery Emulator and Profiler is an integrated electronic load and power supply developed for use with Keysight PathWave BenchVue battery emulation software. An emulated battery gives the user a known good reference for testing at any charge level. Keysight Technologies E36731A Battery Emulator allows the user to quickly assess the effect of design or software changes on battery life by emulating any battery charge state. Leverage emulation and precise current drain analysis to achieve longer battery life or reduce the size of a device.


  • Generate accurate battery profiles using the simulated current drain of a device
  • Instantly emulate any battery charge state and display real-time current drain data
  • Achieve accurate battery run-down tests by emulating a device’s current drain
  • Estimate battery aging effects to predict device performance throughout its lifetime
  • Streamlines the user's workflow with an integrated power supply and an electronic load
  • Creates a battery model for any battery type
  • Up to 200W, 30V, and 20A power
  • Validate and extend battery life

Validate and extend battery life

Analyzing the current drain and conducting run-down battery tests of your designs pose several difficulties. The manual process of charging and discharging a battery is time-consuming, and it's crucial to test it at different charge levels as battery characteristics vary. Battery parameters and charge levels must be identical when comparing test results. Achieving this is challenging with physical batteries. It is also difficult to determine how long a device will last on a single charge, and often battery life claims do not match reality.
Keysight designed the E36731A battery emulator and profiler and BV9211B advanced battery test and emulation software to solve these challenges. This demo video guides users on using the solution to verify and prolong the battery run time of a device.


Published: 2023-06-09 | Updated: 2023-06-13