B&K Precision BCS Battery Charger/Simulator

B&K Precision BCS Battery Charger/Simulator and DC Power Supplies are optimized for testing batteries and battery-operated devices. B&K Precision BCS6401 and BCS6402 models feature source/sink capabilities, a bipolar output, and variable output impedance to charge, discharge, or simulate batteries used in portable and wearable electronic devices. The battery function can be set to charge, discharge, or simulator mode.

Device manufacturers and design engineers are typically required to evaluate their products under a variety of battery conditions, including different capacity and internal resistance levels. In simulator mode, the BCS Series offers control over these conditions with configurable capacity, voltage, and resistance (IR) points to evaluate device behavior under various simulated battery conditions.

In charge mode, these instruments source power with configurable stop conditions. The output can be configured to provide electrical isolation from connected batteries preventing parasitic drain when charging is complete. In discharge mode, these instruments act as a load to sink power up to 150W. These two battery-function modes are useful for battery charge-discharge cycle testing or evaluating charger circuits under load.

This series also serves as a precision DC power supply with exceptional transient response times, high current readback resolution, and low ripple/noise characteristics due to the linear design.


  • Source or sink up to 150W with 2-quadrant operation
  • Dual-channel and dual-range operation (BCS6401)
  • Performs battery charge, discharge, cycling, and simulation tests
  • Bidirectional capabilities in battery mode to simulate a rechargeable battery
  • Up to 5A sink current
  • Bipolar output
  • 0Ω to 1Ω variable output impedance
  • <30µs load recovery time to minimize overshoot
  • <3mVpp linear regulation with low noise
  • 100nA current readback resolution
  • Save 20 list mode programs with up to 30 steps each into internal memory
  • Internal storage for 20 user-configurable battery charge and simulation profiles with up to 40 steps each
  • 4.3" color TFT display
  • Rear panel digital voltmeter (DVM)
  • Rear output terminals with remote sense
  • Min, max, mean, and peak statistics
  • USB (USBTMC-compliant) and LAN interfaces supporting SCPI commands
  • Overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), and overtemperature (OTP) protections as well as key-lock function


  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearable devices
  • IoT devices
  • Chargers and charger circuitry
  • DC-DC converters

Front and Rear Views

Block Diagram - B&K Precision BCS Battery Charger/Simulator
Published: 2022-09-09 | Updated: 2022-09-22