TE Connectivity 369 Shielded Rectangular Connectors

TE Connectivity's 369 Shielded Rectangular Connectors are designed for harsh environments where ambient EMI noise protection is required. The IP67-rated connectors can withstand indirect lightning strikes of 3.6kA and provide shielding effectiveness of >60DB at low frequencies and >40dB at high frequencies. These connectors offer data transmission of 100Mbs (100Base-T1) and meet MIL-DTL-38999 levels of performance. 

TE's 369 Shielded Connectors are backward compatible and intermateable with other 369 series products. These connectors are compact and easy to install with push/pull mating and a positive blind-mate with an audible latching click. The compact design allows a tight mounting pitch of multiple connectors. Typical applications include commercial aerospace, helicopters, drones and UAVs, military ground vehicles, mass transit, and more. 


  • Backward compatible and intermateable with other 369 products
  • Shielding effectiveness
    • >60DB at low frequencies
    • >40dB at high frequencies
  • Can withstand an indirect lightning strike of 3.6kA
  • High-speed capability offers data transmission of 100Mbs (100 Base-T1)
  • Lightweight with composite nickel-plated shells
  • Compact design allows a tight mounting pitch of multiple connectors
  • Easy installation with push/pull to mate; no fasteners required
  • Positive blind-mate with audible latching click
  • Scoop proof
  • Easily removed for maintenance
  • Triple barrier wire seals and cork-in-bottle interface seals
  • Performance up to 60K feet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Composite thermoplastic body and insert
  • Copper alloy, gold-plated contacts
  • Fluorosilicone rubber seals and panel gaskets
  • Nickel over copper plating
  • RoHS and EWIS compliant


  • Commercial aerospace
  • Helicopters
  • Drones and UAVs
  • Military ground vehicles
  • Galleys
  • Mass transit
  • Lighting
  • On-board entertainment
  • Seat wiring and actuations


  • 1500VRMS mated, <2 mA leakage dielectric withstanding voltage
  • EMI shielding effectiveness
    • 65dB @ 150MHz
    • 60dB @ 200MHz
    • 55dB @ 300MHz
    • 55dB @ 400MHz
    • 45dB @ 800MHz
    • 43dB @ 1GHz
  • ≥5000 MΩ initial insulation resistance
  • 5A operating current
  • Uses AS39029 size 22AWG contacts
  • -55°C to +175°C operating temperature range
  • IP67 rating
  • EN2591-315 fluid resistance
  • Meets ARINC 854 ethernet over single twisted pair (100Base-T1)
  • Designed to MIL-DTL-38999 levels of performance


Mechanical Drawing - TE Connectivity 369 Shielded Rectangular Connectors
Published: 2019-12-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11