TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 369 Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) DEUTSCH 369 Connectors are compact, highly reliable connectors suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. These connectors are available in PCB mount, shielded, and standard. The components are based on the DEUTSCH ARINC 809/EN4165 interface and constructed using lightweight, high-performance composite materials to meet the demands of the aerospace industry. These connectors are sealed to IP67 for use in areas with high levels of moisture. The 369 series eliminates the need for separate part numbers by allowing the housing types to use either pin or socket contacts. The design doubles the number of available keying configurations and electrically protects the contacts on the powered-side of the system. The scoop-proof interface prevents damage to contacts, making TE DEUTSCH 369 Connectors ideal for blind-mating and low-visibility conditions.

Standard Connectors

TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 369 Connectors

Standard Features

          Compatible with 369 connector family
        •  Inline or panel mount
          Compatible with connectors meeting Boeing BACC65CP/CR
        •  Compact, high density
          Rectangular design enables close mounting pitch with adjacent connectors
          No fasteners or additional solder fixtures required
        •  Eliminates flying leads for connectivity to board
          Mechanically self-retaining during soldering of in-line connectors
        •  Easy washout for post-soldering cleaning
        •  Mechanical location feature reduces mechanical stress on solder joints
          Fluid resistance EN2591-315
          Insulation resistance 5000M

PCB-Mount Connectors

Mechanical Drawing - TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 369 Connectors

PCB-Mount Features

        •  3-, 6-, and 9-way configurations
          Based on proven ARINC 809 / EN4165 interface
          Robust design is extremely compact and lightweight
         Constructed using aerospace-grade composite materials
          Fully sealed cable and mating interface
        •  Prevents damage to contacts in blind-mating conditions
          Positive and audible locking
        •  Button-latching mechanism with latch security feature
        •  Scoop-proof interface
         Military standard AS39029 contacts
        •  I.A.W EN2591-317 fluid resistance
          >1GΩ @ 500V DC after altitude immersion insulation resistance


  • Aerospace, including in-flight entertainment and power
  • Harsh environments (high vibration, moisture resistance, high reliability)
  • Automotive
Published: 2013-05-31 | Updated: 2022-03-11