TAIYO YUDEN Super Caps include cylindrical type polyacene and lithium ion. Because of an original electrode structure, the polyacene TAIYO YUDEN Super Caps have succeeded in increasing the capacity per cubic volume compared with the conventional electric double-layer capacitor. The Lithium Ion Super Caps use "Lithium Pre-Dope" technology which enables energy to be used more efficiently and cycle life to be increased. Supercapacitors are environmentally-friendly capacitors that do not include heavy metals. These supercapacitors are available in different versions such as the PAS radial supercapacitors, RS series supercapacitors, and LP series supercapacitors. 

The PAS Radial Super Capacitors are made of polyacene and can store a much larger number of ions into its amorphous structure. The RS series Lithium-Ion Capacitors have about half the DC internal resistance compared to the conventional R series lithium-ion capacitors. The LP Series Supercapacitors range from 2.4 to 10F capacitance and feature improved ESR, DCR, as well as load characteristics.


Published: 2019-06-07 | Updated: 2023-07-18