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STMicroelectronics STPS10M60SF & STPS10M60SFY 60V Schottky Rectifiers

STMicroelectronics STPS10M60SF and STPS10M60SFY 60V Power Schottky Rectifiers are designed for use in applications such as high frequency miniature DC-DC converters, reverse battery protection, battery chargers, and power adapters. Packaged in a low-profile PSMC (TO-277A), the STPS10M60SF and STPS10M60SFY provide a very low VF in a compact package and can withstand very high operating junction temperature. Both devices feature wettable flanks, ensuring high-quality connections and allowing visual solder inspection. The STPS10M60SFY 60V Power Schottky Rectifier is AEC-Q101 qualified for use in automotive applications.


  • Reverse leakage current (IR): 8.0mA typical
  • Forward voltage drop (VF): 0.53V typical
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM): 60V
  • Average forward current (IF): 10A
  • Surge non repetitive forward current (IFSM): 230A
  • Repetitive peak avalanche power (PARM): 258W
  • Storage temperature range (Tstg): -65°C to +175°C
  • Maximum operating junction temperature (Tj): 175°C maximum


  • AEC-Q101 qualified (STPS10H60SFY only)
  • PPAP Capable (STPS10H60SFY only)
  • Low capacitance
  • Negligible switching losses
  • Avalanche capability specified
  • VRRM guaranteed from -40°C to 175°C
  • Wettable flanks for automatic visual inspection
  • ECOPACK®2 compliant component
  • Compact, low profile PSMC (TO-277A) package


  • Automotive (STPS10M60SFY only)
  • DC-DC converters
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Freewheeling diodes
  • Switching diodes
  • Set-top boxes
  • Battery chargers
  • Power adapters

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STMicroelectronics STPS10M60SF & STPS10M60SFY 60V Schottky Rectifiers