StereoPi v2 Stereoscopic Camera Kits

StereoPi v2 Stereoscopic Camera Kits offer improved functionalities with greater flexibilities and packs in almost everything that is required. These kits include a StereoPi v2 Standard board, two IMX219 160 FoV cameras, a 2" IPS screen, a 6" tripod, and an acrylic case set. The StereoPi v2 camera kits also include a GoPro tripod mount, two microSD cards (both SLP and OpenCV images), two short power cables, and 2.54mm jumpers.

These camera kits are available in two variants. The main difference is that the STPI2-CAMKIT-01 kit houses Raspberry Pi Compute-Module 4 (CM4) Lite, whereas the STPI2-CAMKIT-02 kit does not feature the CM4 Lite module. In the latter kit, the choice is left to the user to choose among 32 variants of CM4s available for better suitability of the project. 

StereoPi v2 HQ Metal Housing

StereoPi v2 Stereoscopic Camera Kits

The StereoPi v2 HQ Metal Housing is a robust and lightweight housing for a pair of HQ cameras. The advanced lenses can weigh up to 175gms and this housing is capable of holding the cameras’ axes parallel, preventing the setup from losing calibration. This turns out to be critical for applications like computer vision and recording stereoscopic videos, where shifting axes is totally unacceptable. The StereoPi v2 HQ metal housing features non-destructive HQ camera installation, tripod mounting, and comes with HOYA CM500 filters.

Kit Contents

  • StereoPi v2 Camera Kit:
    • 1 x StereoPi v2 Standard
    • 1 x Compute Module 4 Lite Wireless 2Gb (STPI2-CAMKIT-01 only)
    • 1 x External antenna for the CM4 (STPI2-CAMKIT-01 only)
    • 2 x IMX219 160 FoV camera with 15 cm ribbon cables
    • 1 x 2" IPS screen (240x320)
    • 1 x acrylic case set
    • 1 x set of nylon bolts and nuts
    • 1 x tripod 6"
    • 1 x GoPro tripod mount
    • 1 x button with jumping wires
    • 1 x micro SD with SLP v2 Raspberry OS
    • 1 x micro SD with OpenCV Raspberry OS
    • 2 x short power cable
    • 3 x 2.54 mm jumpers
    • 2 x 10 cm additional camera ribbon cables
  • StereoPi v2 HQ metal housing:
    • 1 x StereoPi HQ housing base
    • 2 x Camera carriage item
    • 2 x HOYA CM500 filters, 8.9mm x 8.9mm x 1 mm
    • 1 x Set of nuts and screw washers for assembly
    • 1 x Set of fixture for the StereoPi v2 installation
    • 1 x Set of fixture for the StereoPi v1 installation
    • 1 x Compact tripod (15cm height)


  • Computer vision/robotics
  • Stereoscopic photography/video
  • Panoramic video
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Drone instrumentation

StereoPi v2 & Housing Setup Exploded View

StereoPi v2 Stereoscopic Camera Kits
Published: 2021-05-31 | Updated: 2022-03-11