Silicon Labs EFR32xG27 Pro Kits (xG27-PK601xA)

Silicon Labs EFR32xG27 Pro Kits (xG27-PK601xA) provide an advanced modular development platform for use with the EFR32xG27 Wireless Gecko SoCs. The EFR32xG27 Wireless Gecko SoCs are single-die solutions combining a 76.8MHz Cortex-M33 with a high-performance 2.4GHz radio to provide energy-efficient, wireless SoCs for IoT-connected applications. The Pro Kits include a WSTK mainboard and a radio board.


  • Advanced modular development platform
  • RF measurements
  • Energy profiling
  • External device debug
  • Ethernet for large network tests
  • Radio board
    • Options
      • EFR32MG27C140F768IM40 for +8dBm Kit (Buck)
      • EFR32BG27C320F768GJ39 for +4dBm Kit (Buck)
      • EFR32BG27C320F768GJ39 for +4dBm Kit (Boost)
    • Cortex-M33, 768kB Flash and 64kB RAM
    • Secure VaultĀ® Mid
    • U.FL for RF measurements
  • Mainboard
    • LEDs and push buttons
    • Ethernet and USB connectivity
    • Advanced energy monitor
    • Packet trace interface
    • Breakout pads and expansion header
    • External debug support
    • Si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor
    • Low power 128x128 pixel memory LCD
    • USB, CR2032, and battery pack options for power

Kit Contents

  • WSTK main board
  • BRD4110B 2.4GHz +4dBm Radio Board
  • Mini-simplicity cable
  • AA battery holder


Silicon Labs EFR32xG27 Pro Kits (xG27-PK601xA)
Published: 2023-06-27 | Updated: 2023-08-23