TE Connectivity / Measurement Specialties AXISENSE-G Gyro Stabilized Tilt Sensor

TE Connectivity's Measurement Specialties AXISENSE-G Gyro Stabilized Tilt Sensor combines signals from a multi-axis accelerometer and multi-axis gyro into an accurate representation of pitch and roll angles. The addition of the gyro improves the reaction time of the sensor and reduces susceptibility to shock and vibration events. TE's AXISENSE-G Gyro Stabilized Tilt Sensor uses gravity for the reference and reports any positive or negative tilt angle in both the X and Y axes. The static accuracy for these measurements is ±0.5°. The tilt sensor is packaged in a rugged enclosure with simple mounting features. The sensor is designed to be immune to harsh environments commonly found in automotive and off-road vehicle applications.

The IP67 rating makes the sensor suitable for use outdoors. The sensor is supplied with a 400mm (15.7") integrated cable and a 4-pin sealed, keyed, latching connector. The wide supply voltage range of 8VDC to 36VDC allows the sensor to operate with most electrical systems. A built-in temperature sensor and self-diagnostic features immediately notifies the user or system of any problems or malfunctions.


  • Provides highly accurate tilt sensor outputs
  • Minimizes distortion in multiple noisy environments
  • Multi-axis gyro and accelerometer
  • Sensitive to pitch and roll movements
  • Factory calibrated and compensated
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Survives 10,000g shock events
  • Cable with 4-pin Superseal™ Connector


  • Stationary and mobile cranes and hoists
  • Forklifts and material handling equipment
  • Dump trucks
  • Vehicle chassis levelling
  • Excavation equipment
  • Agricultural machines
  • Road paving equipment
  • Scissor and man lifts


  • ±75° dual-axis tilt sensor
  • Gyro stabilized for fast response
  • CAN J1939 interface
  • Packaged for harsh environments
  • Inherent shock suppression
  • Simple mounting features


Published: 2020-08-25 | Updated: 2023-09-05