TDK InvenSense T3903 Multi-Mode Microphone

TDK InvenSense T3903 Multi-Mode Microphone is a low noise digital MEMS microphone in a small package. This microphone consists of a MEMS microphone element and an impedance converter amplifier followed by a fourth-order Σ-Δ modulator. The T3903 microphone comes with high quality, low-power (AlwaysOn), and sleep modes of operation. This multi-mode microphone meets a high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) in all operational modes. The T3903 microphone also meets 133dB SPL AOP in high-quality mode and 120dB SPL AOP in low-power mode. Applications include smartphones, microphone arrays, tablet computers, and cameras.


  • 3.5mm x 2.65mm x 0.98mm surface-mount package
  • Extended frequency response from 40Hz to >20kHz
  • 9µA sleep mode
  • Fourth-order Σ-Δ modulator
  • Digital Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) output
  • Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb-free solder processes
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant


  • Smartphones
  • Microphone arrays
  • Tablet computers
  • Cameras

T3903 Block Diagram

Block Diagram - TDK InvenSense T3903 Multi-Mode Microphone
Published: 2021-06-04 | Updated: 2022-03-11