Xsens / Movella MTi-320-3A-SK Starter Kit

Xsens / Movella MTi-320-3A-SK Starter Kit is designed to evaluate the features of the MTi-320 module. This kit includes a USB converter dongle wo cables, one for direct RS232 connections and another to connect with the USB converter dongle. Xsens / Movella MTi-320-3A-SK starter kit consists of the MTi-320 AHT module, two 8-pin micro-lock to 16-pin Molex cable, and an RS232-USB converter dongle. This starter kit is supported by the MT Software Suite.

Kit Contents

  • MTi-320 AHT module (MTi-320-3A)
  • 2x 8-pin Micro-Lock to 16-pin Molex cable, 1 meter (CA-MTI-320)
  • RS232-USB converter dongle (CA-USB-CONV)


Published: 2023-08-17 | Updated: 2023-09-26