Mikroe MIKROE-5719 HOD CAP Click

Mikroe MIKROE-5719 HOD CAP Click is a compact add-on board with the ams OSRAM AS8579 capacitive sensor. The Mikroe MIKROE-5719 offers I/Q signal demodulation, protection against cable and PCB interference, and ten sense outputs. Five of these outputs have sensing line filter circuits. This Click board™ is ideal for autonomous driving applications like steering wheel detection and detecting human presence inside and outside vehicles, such as automatic trunk openers.


  • On-board modules
  • Accurate capacitive measurements
  • Higher durability
  • Lower system costs
  • Enabler for safety-critical applications
  • Suitable for automotive applications
  • Ten sense outputs, from which five come with line sense filters
  • The possibility to set a system CLK frequency
  • SPI interface
  • ClickID
  • mikroBUS compatibility
  • L (57.15mm x 25.4mm) click board size
  • 3.3V or 5V input voltage


  • Autonomous driving
  • Detection of human presence inside or outside of a vehicle
  • Hands-on steering wheel detection
  • Automatic trunk opener


Mikroe MIKROE-5719 HOD CAP Click
Published: 2023-09-05 | Updated: 2023-09-25