CUI Devices I²S MEMS Microphones

CUI Devices I2S MEMS Microphones offer a 1.6V to 3.6V supply voltage range, 10,000Hz maximum frequency, and 400µA current consumption. I2S microphones are omnidirectional, digital, and feature I2S technology and surface mount termination. These microphones have 3.5mm x 2.65mm x 0.98mm to 4mm x 3mm x 1.25mm dimensions and top or bottom port locations. CUI Devices I2S MEMS Microphones operate in the -20°C to +70°C temperature range.


  • Digital I2S output type
  • Omnidirectional directivity
  • Top or bottom port location
  • -26dB sensitivity
  • ±1dB sensitivity tolerance
  • 400µA current consumption
  • 2.6VDC operating voltage
  • 100Hz to 10,000Hz operating frequency
  • 59dBA to 64dBA noise ratio
  • Surface-mount termination


Published: 2020-08-27 | Updated: 2023-03-28