SemiQ SiC MOSFET Modules

SemiQ SiC MOSFET Modules provide low on-state resistance at high temperatures with excellent switching performance, simplifying power electronic systems' thermal design. The SiC MOSFET Modules operate with zero switching loss to significantly increase efficiency and reducing heat dissipation, allowing smaller heatsinks.

The SemiQ SiC MOSFET Modules have enhanced performance with powerful SiC chipsets and minimized parasitic package elements. The SiC MOSFET Modules are ideal for applications in solar inverters, power supplies, motor drives, and charging stations.


  • Low switching losses
  • Low junction to case thermal resistance
  • Very rugged and easy to mount
  • Direct mounting to the heatsink (isolated package)
  • High-frequency operation with ultra-low loss
  • Zero reverse recovery current from SiC SBDs
  • Small turn-off tail current from SiC MOSFETs
  • Low stray inductance
  • Normally-off device operation


  • Photo voltaic inverter
  • Aerospace actuators
  • Server power supplies
  • High voltage AC/DC converter
  • Motor drivers

Typical Application

SemiQ SiC MOSFET Modules
Published: 2020-08-31 | Updated: 2023-02-27