Texas Instruments TPS631012/TPS631013 Buck-Boost Converters

Texas Instruments TPS631012/TPS631013 Buck-Boost Converters are constant frequency peak current mode control buck-boost converters in a tiny wafer chip scale package. These devices have a 3A peak current limit (typical), a 1.6V to 5.5V input voltage range, and provide a power supply solution for system pre-regulators and voltage stabilizers.

Depending on the input voltage, the Texas Instruments TPS631012/TPS631013 automatically operates in boost, buck, or 3-cycle buck-boost mode when the input voltage is approximately equal to the output voltage. The transitions between modes happen at a defined duty cycle and avoid unwanted toggling within the modes to reduce output voltage ripple. 8µA quiescent current and power save mode enable the highest efficiency for light to no-load conditions. The devices offer a very small solution size in WCSP.


  • 1.6V to 5.5V input voltage range
    • Device input voltage > 1.65V for start-up
  • 1.0V to 5.5V output voltage range (adjustable)
  • High output current capability, 3A peak switch current
    • 2A IOUT for VIN ≥ 3V, VOUT = 3.3V
    • 1.5A IOUT for VIN ≥ 2.7V, VOUT = 3.3V
  • High efficiency over the entire load range
    • 8µA typical quiescent current
    • Automatic power save mode and forced PWM mode configurable
  • Peak current buck-boost mode architecture
    • Seamless mode transition
    • Forward and reverse current operation
    • Start-up into pre-biased outputs
    • Fixed-frequency operation with 2MHz switching
  • Safety and robust operation features
    • Overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection
    • Integrated soft start with active ramp adoption
    • Overtemperature protection and overvoltage protection
    • True shutdown function with load disconnection
    • Forward and backward current limit
  • A default setting of internal EN
    • TPS631012 and TPS631012X (X=1,2,3): CONVERTER_EN = 0
    • TPS631013: CONVERTER_EN = 1
  • Small solution size
    • Small 1µH inductor
    • 1.803mm × 0.905mm in WCSP


  • TWS
  • System pre-regulator
    • Smartphone
    • Tablet
    • Terminal
    • Telematics
  • Point-of-load regulation
    • Wired sensor
    • Port/cable adapter
    • Dongle
  • Fingerprint, camera sensors
    • Electronic smart lock
    • IP network camera
  • Voltage stabilizer
    • Datacom
    • Optical modules
    • Cooling/heating

Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Texas Instruments TPS631012/TPS631013 Buck-Boost Converters
Published: 2023-09-12 | Updated: 2023-09-19