Seeed Studio NCC S1 + RK-3399-PC AI Package

Seeed Studio NCC S1 + RK3399-PC AI Package includes NCC S1 neural network computing card and a six-core 64 bit ROC-RK3399 PC board. This package contains NCC S1 neural network computing card, ROC-RK3399-PC board, charger with cable, heat sink with snap joint, 16GB TF card, and a USB Wi-Fi card. The NCC S1 neural network computing card is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-specific Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APiM) framework. The ROC-RK3399-PC is a six-core 64-bit high-performance PC board that offers multiple power supply mode with a unique plate design.

NCC S1 Neural Network Computing Card

Seeed Studio NCC S1 + RK-3399-PC AI Package

This computing card offers a deep neural networking learning accelerator without any external caching. The NCC S1 neural computing board features 5.6Tops best peak performance, 9.3Tops/W high energy efficiency, and high-performance hardware platform integration. This card supports model training tools and provides network training models such as GNEt1, GNet18, and GNetfc with a continuous increase in more network instances. This card is ideal for high-performance edge computing, AI algorithm acceleration, and vision-based deep learning computing.


Seeed Studio NCC S1 + RK-3399-PC AI Package

The ROC-RK3399-PC computing board improves performance by connecting it to the expansion board. This board transforms into a pocket portable personal computer when combined with a metal casing. The ROC-RK3399-PC board features a built-in strong core configuration, rich peripheral interface, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, and frequency up to 2.0 GHz. This board supports multiple systems including supports server, multiple operating systems, and wayland display framework.


  • NCC S1 neural network computing card:
    • APiM AI-specific framework
    • 5.6Tops best peak performance
    • 9.3Tops/W high-energy efficiency
    • PLAI model training tools
    • 28000 parallel neural computing cores
    • 28nm process technology
  • ROC-RK3399-PC main board:
    • Six-core 64-bit high-performance board
    • Built-in strong core configuration
    • Small size card computer
    • Expansion board combination
    • Support for multiple systems
    • Multiple power supply modes
    • Rich peripheral interface


Seeed Studio NCC S1 + RK-3399-PC AI Package

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Seeed Studio NCC S1 + RK-3399-PC AI Package
Published: 2019-03-07 | Updated: 2022-09-02