Seeed Studio Compare Beaglebone Black, Green, & Green Wireless

Beaglebone Green Wireless (BBGW) and Beaglebone Green (BBG) are both manufactured by Seeed Studio, and are open source hardware (OSHW) single board computers. Both are similar to the Beaglebone Black (BBB), especially with respect to software, and all three ship with a resident Debian Linux OS.

These three platforms share the same processor, but there are a few differences with regard to hardware peripherals. Both Beaglebone Green versions (BBG and BBGW) support the open-source click-in "Grove" hardware modules from Seeed Studio. BBG versions are better suited to embedded applications than Beaglebone Black, but the BBG or BBGW can still be used as a standalone Linux computer, although without the HDMI support for monitors that is on Beaglebone Black. Nevertheless, both of the Green versions support all of the hardware add-on modules (called "capes") as the Beaglebone Black, including capes that can support a monitor.

BBG and BBGW boards come with a small instruction manual and a 6 inch USB standard A to USB micro B cable. Everything else, as well as the system reference manual, is stored on the board itself, which acts like a USB thumb drive when plugged into a Windows or Linux computer, so installation and boot up are easy.

A detailed comparison of all three boards follows in the link below. There is a much larger scale comparison of several open source hardware boards in a large expandable table that is intended to facilitate OSHW board selection (based on project requirements) at the Open Source Hardware Applications site.

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Published: 2019-10-04 | Updated: 2022-03-10