ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions offer IoT advancements in semiconductor and electronic devices. These solutions include the increased use of Cloud-computing platforms and the expanded availability and affordability of sensors and processors. These solutions allow for growth in the IoT space and ensure workplace safety, reduce operating expenses, and increase productivity.

RoHM Industrial

ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

kx13x accelerometers

ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

ROHM's KX132-1211 and KX134-1211 tri-axis accelerometers come with a built-in advanced vibration detection capable of detecting signals of interest up to 4200Hz (KX132) / 8500Hz (KX134) and ±16g (KX132) / ±64g (KX134) full-scale ranges. Both parts come in a 2mm x 2mm x 0.9mm LGA 12-pin package, support industrial temperature range (-40°C to +105°C), feature 0.5µA standby current, and 0.53-239µA operating current.


Chart - ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

ROHM's BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN module supports large mesh networks of up to 1,000 connected devices. The sub-GHz protocol enables long-distance communication with low power consumption, while integrated automatic communication path and channel hopping functions ensure high-reliability wireless transmission.

BD70522 Low iq dc/dc converter

ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

The BD70522GUL utilizes proprietary Nano Energy technology™ created by leveraging low-current analog expertise covering control circuitry, analog element layout, and 0.35um BiCDMOS processes to achieve breakthrough current consumption that enables up to 10 years of operation on a single coin battery.

Low Power 16-bit MCUs

ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

LAPIS Technology's ML620Q50 CMOS MCU leverages an original 16bit RISC U16 core to achieve superior performance. At the same time, low power technology improves processing power while maintaining ultra-low current consumption. Additional features include a wide operating voltage and temperature ranges and built-in peripheral circuitry, including onboard flash memory.

Low Current Chip LEDs

ROHM Semiconductor Industrial IoT Solutions

ROHM offers a broad lineup of compact low current surface-mount chip LEDs in both standard, side-firing, and rear-mount types to support a variety of applications. Original device technologies provide high brightness with high reliability.


Published: 2021-08-09 | Updated: 2023-05-25